When a group of bored artists get together in Brooklyn, they decide to use the environment for entertainment. Two dancers rush through the city streets, using anything and everything they find to one-up each-other. It’s a race to the finish combining free-running, b-boying, and choreography. We'll see if the camera men can keep up!

Had so much fun on this project! Neil had such a great vision for the vibe he wanted, and working with b-boys is always a good time, especially when they’re as creative as these two. It was an honor to be featured in IMGE's inaugural KINETIC Dance Film Festival alongside a group of amazing filmmakers and movement artists.

Director and Choreographer: Neil Russell 

Dancers: Neil Russell, Paul Lee

Asst. Choreographer: Paul Lee

DP: Steven Ruggiero

1st AC: Nic Bui

Producers: Neil Russell, Nic Bui

Editors: Neil Russell, Nic Bui 

Colorist: Colton Williams

PAs: Ally Han, Raghav Malhotra

Music: “HOOLIGANG” by Joey Valence & Brae

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