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Find A Way: Community Concept Video II

If you saw the first community concept vid we put together in April, here’s another one for you! The idea this time around was a game of “Telephone”. Each person signed up for a day to film a short clip, and I sent them the previous person’s clip and nothing else. The goal was to make a big chain of freestyle and choreography videos inspired by each other and for each other.

If you’re like me you probably took a hiatus from dance (or whatever you’re passionate about) at some point this year, so I wanted to do something fun and casual that we could all enjoy together regardless of where we’re at. It’s been a difficult year for many, so I think it’s important that we find our way forward together.

You Know

This was my final project for "Workshop From Home", a 4 week online dance program created by Youran Lee and Megan Myklegard. I've wanted to create to this song for a long time, but I've always been intimidated by it because it reminds me of some very personal experiences that I wasn't sure I was ready to interact with. I felt like I had to wait to make it until I could make it perfect. But I’m not perfect, and my mistakes and shortcomings are just as much a part of me as my successes and my strengths.

Is it my fault? Would things be different if I were a better, more perfect version of myself? No. 

I can’t wait for the perfect solution; I have to accept that I am imperfect and take action.

What's Going On: A Community Concept Video

In March of 2020, I was looking for a project that I could make from home, as well as a way to keep the dance community together since dance classes were on indefinite hiatus due to the pandemic. I decided to send out a flyer to the community: we're doing a video, and everyone's invited. The song is "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye, and all you have to do is submit a 10-20 second clip of yourself dancing to any part of it.

In difficult times, what matters is that we take care of each other. So let's keep taking care of each other regardless of "What's Going On" outside.

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