Promotional Videography

A collection of short form video content that I've produced, filmed, or edited, including concerts, and events, and promotional materials.

Ignite X Musica (2023)

Produced by MJ Abiva

Edited by JJay Winchester

Steven Ruggiero x Marina Poudret Capsule (2023)

Edson Maldonado X Modega (2022)

A Summer Party: Presented by Maison Kitsuné and MATTE (2021)

Footage by Alex Fouquet, Edit by Steven Ruggiero

WFUV: Arlo Parks, Live at the Sheen Center (2021)

A small section of Arlo Parks' live show at the Sheen Center.

Director: Steven Ruggiero

Audio: Jim O'Hara and David Schnirman

Cameras: Norah Gordon and Michael L'Abbate

Line Editor: Christian Caicedo

Editor: Michael L'Abbate

WFUV: Rachael and Vilray - "Do Friends Fall in Love?", Live at the McKittrick Hotel (2019)

Footage by Jake Lee, Steven Ruggiero, Michael L'Abbate, and Norah Gordon

Edited by Steven Ruggiero